Through the mirror of consciousness

This poem by Coconut Kitty is interesting.

Coconut Kitty

What happens when consciousness looks back at itself

The lights ring like church bells

It gathers together like a flock of seagulls

Racing like a roller coaster intertwining in and out of space

Blooming like flowers in springtime

Until it peeks through like the sun behind the clouds

Washing over the body like a waterfall in the rain forest

It crows like a rooster at sunrise

A moment of stillness settles like the water on an uninhabited lake

Then it bursts out of the sky like fireworks on 4th of July

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Shine On Love

This poem by Coconut Kitty is interesting.

Coconut Kitty

Meet me in the spiritual dimension

Where all we are, are beams of light

Shining upon the data

Bringing everything to life

It is where our attention rests

On which it will manifest into reality

A reality that exists within us

Life gives us our very own show

Each their own

The information in the external remains the same

But it’s in the way we shine upon it

That molds how and into what it grows

Shine your light on love

And witness the kingdom of heaven all around you

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